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Summer Tanagers in Missouri

12 Jul 2010, by Riveroflife in Blog Archive

summer tanager summer tanager summer tanager summer tanager


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These beautiful birds are spring and summer visitors across the southern part of the state. The are particularly common in Ozark County and I counted 5 pairs with the River of Life Farm property in June 2009. At first appearing to be a Northern Cardinal; and then appearing to be a more exotic red color, they need a close look to differentiate. They are beautiful birds (about cardinal sized); a little smaller.

They migrate each April from South American to next here. They nest high in hardwood trees and build a nest of grass. The first nest is fledged in June.
I took these pictures in St. louis county on Sunday 7/11/10 with a Canon 7D. Shown are 2 male and 2 female Summer Tanagers.