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Float Trips – Canoeing, Kayaking, Floating the North Fork

Float Trips – Canoeing, Kayaking, Floating the North Fork

Missouri Fly Fishing North Fork River

Float Trips – Canoeing, Kayaking, Floating the North Fork


There is always plenty of water as the North Fork River is spring feed by the 8th largest spring system in the state of Missouri.

The North Fork of the White River, located in the southern Missouri Ozarks, offers many excellent canoeing, kayaking, and rafting float opportunities. The River of Life Farm Outfitters is located at the heart of the North Fork River, known as the “Falls” (a rock ledge 2-3 feet high – The Falls borders our property). It is the finest in Missouri canoeing, kayaking, and rafting. We are the place for quality canoe, raft, or kayak rentals.

River of Life Farm LLC is permitted through the U.S. Forest Service as a licensed outfitter.

Summer Schedule

Hammond to


Distance: 7 Miles
Float Time: 3-4 Hours
Departure: 10 AM
Pickup:  Arrive at ROLF
Available: Sunday – Sunday

Canoe $52   Kayak $39   

Raft $140-$160

Details/Special Fees

(All prices include shuttle and outfitting fee)

Canoe: Canoes are meant for 2 people
Kayak: Sit on top, one man vessels
Raft: Sizes include 4 person and 6 person 

Private Canoe or Kayak Haul
(by prior arrangement only)
$52 per canoe per trip *
$39 per kayak per trip *
*if other boats are going to the same destination
* $10 shuttle surcharge if only one person being shuttled

Important Safety Tips

  • DO NOT take a child through who is not wearing a life jacket or who is fastened into a chair, such as a child seat.
  • DO NOT drink excessive alcohol while canoeing. There is a direct correlation between blood alcohol content and accidents
    on the river.
  • DO NOT put your fingers over the edge of the canoe, as if you brush aside a rock you can do severe damage to your fingers.
  • DO NOT have expensive items laying loose in the canoe. They should be in a Dry Bag that floats, and be fastened to the canoe.

Visitor Acknowledgment Risk

* Equal opportunity service provider

Missouri Fly Fishing Lodge

Missouri Treehouse Lodging

River of Life Farm offers many lodging selections to choose from. We can accommodate from 1 to 14 guests. Plan your next vacation, honeymoon, anniversary or romantic weekend in our luxurious treehouse cabins nestled in the scenic Ozarks. 

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