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Crawfish of Missouri – Spothanded Crayfish

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The most distinctive feature of this moderately large crayfish is the presence of a conspicuous black spot on each pincer near the base of the movable finger. The carapace is reddish brown or olive-brown, with a narrow crescent-shaped dark bar across its hind margin. The…

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Can been see along the North Fork where it stakes out a fishing territory. Needs to let you know you have entered his territory. Diet is near 100% fish. There seems to be a noisy pair every 1/2 mile along the river.

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Topaz on the North Fork of the White River featured

Topaz on the North Fork of the White River

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Click to enlarge The town of Topaz was built in the late 1800’s on the upper North Fork, only about 6-8 miles below the highest put-in point for a float trip. During the 1940’s-1950’s Topaz became a Ghost Town. Even in the mid 1960’s when…

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