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summertanager featured

Summer Tanagers in Missouri

12.07.2010 in Blog Archive

  Click on image to enlarge. These beautiful birds are spring and summer visitors across the southern part of the state. The are particularly common in Ozark County and I counted 5 pairs with the River of Life Farm property in June 2009. At first…

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Hot Days -- Ozark Birds bathing featured

Hot Days — Ozark Birds bathing

06.07.2010 in Blog Archive

Click on image to enlarge. Days are hot and long in July. Creeks are pretty dry except after a downpour. Where songbirds can find a creek with moving waters; they can be found bathing and preening feathers

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Blue Gray Gnatcatcher

30.06.2010 in Blog Archive

  Click to enlarge. One of my favorite birds. Extremely small, active, very inquisitive, and a native of Missouri and Ozark county in the summer. This one responds to whispering and comes to see what I’m doing.

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